Benjamin and Mary Chase Weeks to North Carolina

by Robert Weeks

Portion of 1730 Mol Map Showing Weetock River
Sometime in 1730 Benjamin Weeks, son of William Weeks, Jr., moved his family from Falmouth to Carteret County, North Carolina, settling along Hadnot's Creek, a tributary of the White Oak River--originally called the Weetock by the Algonquian Indians. Benjamin and Mary had the following children—not listed in the order of their birth:

  • Benjamin
  • Theophilus—born 1708 in Barnstable County, Massachusetts and died 1772 in Onslow County, North Carolina.
  • Archelas
  • Liddia—married Thomas Whitten.
  • Mary—married Weston Williams.
  • Christian—married Natthew Rowley.
  • Thankful—born 1718 Plymouth, Massachusetts and married Thomas Hicks 1738/39.
  • Isaac—born July 21 1722 in Plymouth, Massachusetts and married Sarah.
  • Elizabeth—born February 14, 1725.
  • Jabez—married Mary Rhodes.
Most likely, Benjamin, Mary, their son, Theophilus, and possibly several of the other children, traveled to Beaufort, North Carolina from Massachusetts and then inland to Hadnot's Creek.