Will of William Pugh Ferrand Jr. 1789-1847

William P. Ferrand Jr., 22 Aug 1843

I, William P. Ferrand, of the State of North Carolina and County of Onslow, being now in my usual health and sound mind and memory do make this my last will.

1st I wish all my just debts to be paid.
2nd I give to my son Eugene two thousand dollars to be raised out of my estate in any way my Executors may think best, either to allot of that much specified property or to sell property and place that sum at interest.

3rd as it was the request of my dear wife at her last moments that I should emancipate my yellow girl Eliza, I hereby give to said girl Eliza her absolute freedom, hereby relinquishing all right to her and I call on my Executors to see this matter done and to my friends in Onslow to (interfene?) and see this last request be fulfilled and should said girl Eliza have any child or children, I wish them also to be freed.

4th after these items of my will are complied, all the residue of my estate I wish divided equally between my two sons William and Eugene to them, theirs & assigns forever.

5th as there seems a difeculty in the proper meaning and intent of my old friend the late William Jones will, I, as one of his Executors, do hereby place in the body of my will what I think was his intention & desire, that is the said William Jones wished his wife, Sarah Jones, to have a sufficient support and maintenance during her life and at her death then the property to be equally divided between Allen B. Jones and the children of John S. Jones and during the life of Sarah Jones, it was the intention of said William Jones that six hundred dollars per annum should be paid to Allen B. Jones and also to the children of Jno. S. Jones for their support and education and I believe said Wm. Jones intended in case the income of the estate was not sufficient to meet there annuities, that his Executors and Trustees should sell any of the estate to meet the expences and that the whole estate was to remain in the hands of his executors for all time to come thereby preventing the possibility of the heirs making way with it.

6th I hereby authorise and empower my friends named as Executors to this will to sell any part of my estate or all of it as they may deem best and I don't wish them crampt by the tecnicalities of the law.  I have been the Pioneer of my own fortunes and I think I have the undoubted right to dispose of such property as it has been my good fortune to amass, therefore my executors do what you think best.  I place the whole of my Estate in your hands and thereof you who are bound as surities in any way for me, take care of your interest as
I could not die easy did I suppose for one moment you would be inconvenienced in the slightest degree.

7th I hereby nominate and appoint my friends John A. Avirett, David W.Simmons, Daniel Ambrose, James W. Bryan and my son William Ferrand Executors to this my last will and I hope in the settlement of my affairs, they will bear in mind to avoid if possible bringing distress on any of my debtors.  In witness of all which I have this day at Swansborough August 22nd 1843, put my name & seal this writing.
W. P. Ferrand

Signed sealed acknowledged in presence of us
William P. Pelletier
Daniel Harget

State of North Carolina
Onslow County
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions December Term AD 1847

Then was the last will and testament of William P. Ferrand, decd., offered for probate and the execution of the same proven in due form of law by the oaths of the subscribing witnesses, Daniel Ambrose & David W. Simmons, two of the executors named & appointed in said last will & testament are duly qualified as Executors of the same according to law and letters testamentary ordered to give to them, the said Executors Daniel Ambrose & David W. Simmons, were duly qualified as Executors of the last will & testament of William P. Ferrand, decd., alone, and hereby in open court renounce the executorship of all other last wills & testaments and Estate of which their said testator William P. Ferrand, decd., was Executors, James W. Bryan & William Ferrand, Jr., two of the said Executors named & appointed in and by the said last will & testament of William Ferrand, decd., came into court and renounced their said Executorship and refused to qualify as such.
Jasper Etheridge, clk

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